A Language of Spring

Fatat Bahmad

18 APR - 12 MAY 2017

In her newest collection of paintings, artist Fatat Bahmad explores the language of spring using an expressive array of colours and gestures to re-imagine interiors and landscapes of rural life in Lebanon. She invites us on a journey through the fields of her personal surroundings, unfolding vivid and highly personal reveries of village life. Hours of the day pass in pink pastels and soft blue hues, hours spent dozing on the terrace or drinking a cup of tea. In a manner as skillful as it is deceptively casual, Bahmad brings out both nature’s opulent patchwork as well as its gentle hours of contemplation and interiority. Bahmad reminds us that there is both stimulation and refreshment to be found by enjoying our natural surroundings and living the unhurried life. 



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