Mohamad Al Ameri

1 MAR - 17 MAR 2017

In this series ‘Ahjar’, which means ‘stones’ in Arabic, artist Mohammad Al Ameri presents meditations on the changing relationship between human beings and the natural world. Through this collection of paintings and works on paper, the artist explores the gravitational spectrum of masses which exist in nature, comparing that which is ephemeral to densities that remain largely unchanged through time.  Man’s relationship to ‘stones’, whether in the form of quarrying for building sites, the honing of precious rocks, or exploration of the moon or others planets,  has always lay at the foundation of human history.  Whether through the building of the Pyramids or the cultivation of diamonds for laser-cutting, our relationship to the densest and most unchanging substances in the natural world can serve as indicators of human evolution. Using translucent brushstrokes and watery backdrops, Al Ameri emphasizes the dynamic interplay between the transitory and the immutable, the volatility of life and the primordial stability that lies at the core of the natural world and human’s relationship to it.


Installation Shots

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