Ahmad Al Bahrani

16 SEP - 16 OCT 2015

With his latest exhibition, Biography, sculptor Ahmed al Bahrani reimagines self-portraiture as he recounts his autobiography, reflecting a shift toward greater subjectivity. Although narrative elements are limited to the details of a specific memory or experience, providing the content of each sculpture, unifying themes such as forced migration and the fallout of war are woven throughout the dozen or so works, giving the series its objective threads. Al Bahrani appears in most of his recent sculptures. Meticulously rendered, his self-image is shown at the center of allegorical scenes, surrounded by signifiers. The imposing symbols of the sculptures represent different aspects of the artist’s life, such as the formative events of his childhood in Iraq or his emigration in the 1990s, when his family traveled to Jordan, Yemen, and Qatar before settling in Sweden. When brought together, the works can be read as vignettes: reflective fragments that form a larger, multifaceted portrait.


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