Antoine Berberi / Nabil Basbous / Charles Khoury / Bassam Kyrillos / Chahine Raffoul / Rudy Rahme / Nabil Richani / Raffi Yedalian / Brahim Zod

DEC. 12, 2017 - JAN. 5, 2018

​Aesthetics in real material are the subject of this prolific exhibition. The meeting of nine accomplished modern Lebanese sculptors sends a clear message that modern sculpture is here to stay in spite of the overwhelming presence, in Lebanon and in all the world, of contemporary modes of expression such as installations, video art, and related mediums that involve theories and concepts, science and technology, requiring explanations to be understood and that are foreign to plastic aesthetics.
This exhibition of art objects on pedestals, freestanding sculptures in the round, stand in defense of modern sculpture.
Let the sculptures in the exhibition speak, as their presence reveals them more eloquently than words.



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