Imprints of a City

Rania Hammoud Atoui / Mireille Merhej / Riyad Ne'mah

21 MAR - 15 APR 2017

​In 'Imprints of a City,' three artists residing in Beirut draw on their relationships to urban life and culture, both past and present, as inspiration for their recent work. Mireille Adel Merhej reassembles vintage images, old cartoons, pop and industrial symbols to forge her own meticulously painted iconography which captures the Beirut of her memory and dreams. Rania H. Atoui finds inspiration on the corniche of Beirut, one of the few existing public spaces in the city, where some of the characters she meets on her path also walk, dance or smoke across her canvases. Using the idea of postage stamps, Riyad Ne'mah contrasts government-issued emblems with portraits of people from the street, everyday heroes with narratives that run in contradistinction to official stories and histories. Together this collection of work looks at what it means to live with one another, to form relationships with those we share a place and time with, forming the bedrock of urban culture, cosmopolitanism and the cities we learn to love and live in.



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