On the Eighth Day

Hassan Samad

20 SEP - 15 OCT 2016 

Though the human form is absent in all of these works, Lebanese artist Hassan Samad explores the impact of human guardianship on the natural world.  Over the span of his life, the artist has watched the Lebanese landscape surrounding him become altered and reshaped by sociopolitical and economic factors, which render the natural world as the provenance, not of life, but of resources and commodities.  Samad portrays cycles of consumption, such as cows that graze in garbage strewn fields and in turn are consumed by man, that both contrast and incorporate the natural cycles of the earth. By contrasting the ugly and beautiful, natural and unnatural, the innocent and the corrupted, the artist hopes to draw attention to the qualities that are present in each, in order to understand the human desires that are reshaping the natural world in our image.


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