Other Homelands

Resmi Al Khafaji

06 APR - 27 APR 2016

As an Iraqi artist who has lived and worked in Tuscany, Italy for more than 35 years, Resmi Al Kafaji draws equally from his native Iraq and his adopted Italy. His black and white landscapes traverse from the realistic to the abstract and open-ended, creating opportunities for endless experimentation and growth.  Using ink, watercolor and mixed media on white paper, Kafaji employs the full spectrum of black and white to create luminous effects that capture the feeling of radiant light within a black sky.  However, the effect of this illumination does not correspond to the laws of the natural world, allowing the artist to create endless points of luminosity or total blackness within his works.  Ultimately, these ‘Other Homelands’ lay outside the domain of the material or nationalistic, drawing the viewer to vistas that reside within the creative process of the artist himself.


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