Regimes of the Personal

Ghada Zoghby

15 MAR - 02 APR 2016

In these thirteen works, Lebanese Artist Ghada Zoughby explores the link between private and public life through the image of the closet: the site in which we hide, organize or disguise our most intimate belongings and selves. Officer’s jackets which have been retired, outgrown toys, abandoned war paraphernalia, religious leaders and pop icons in which we have invested our libidinal and political energies populate Zoughby’s paintings, becoming markers of a hidden history of contemporary Lebanon. Following Deleuze and Guattari’s announcement that the ‘personal is political’, Zoughby’s exhibition reminds us that the way we systematize, protect or neglect our personal belongings reflects our most private selves, becoming a micropolitical universe which bears on the choices we make and their effect on public life.


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