Selfie Squared

Mohamad Al Shammarey / Sara Noorbakhsh

10 JUN - 27 JUN 2015

‘Selfie²’ explores self-documentation as a means of self-expression. Employing the language of the ‘selfie’, the exhibition examines personal narratives embedded within a larger problematic of regional conflict and rupture.

Mohammed Al Shammarey, alternates between white and black traditional clothing, which are markers of sectarian division, is both a specter and a spectator, appearing faceless or lost in a self-replicating crowd. 

In Sara Niroobakhsh’s photographs, traditional scenes of domestic life are disrupted by brutality: gun-toting children and cold-blooded maternities. In the age of the ‘selfie’, attention may be power but the ability to reveal what lies behind the image is what compels these autobiographical works.


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