True Colors: A Dialogue

Fatat Bahmad / Louma Rabah

24 FEB - 12 MAR 2016

In “True Colors” , Fatat Bahmad and Louma Rabah stage a dialogue of color and movement that compels viewers to take another look at what is considered commonplace.  Household interiors and rural landscapes, at once recognizable and familiar, unfold onto improvisational and seemingly idyllic re-imaginings of Lebanese village life.  Juxtaposed to these rural reveries is the kinetic and unusual color combination of cities rethought.  The whimsical and easygoing visions of the countryside are affective of contemplative peace as the visions of the city awaken new constellations of color and activity.  In a manner as skillful as it is deceptively casual, both artists bring out their "True Colors" to illuminate their experience of a place, bringing what lies inside closer to that which lies outside.


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